With the triangular partnership between Letchworth, Chagny and Wissen a regular pattern of visits developed. Every year each town visits one of the others and receives a visit from the third. The following year the visits are reversed.

Visits between Letchworth and the other towns usually last five days (Thursday to Monday or Friday to Tuesday) - the first and last days spent on travelling. Typically we depart Letchworth at 5:15 in the morning by coach to catch a ferry from Dover to Calais. We leave Calais and travel for 2 to 2 1/2 hours then break for lunch (approximately one hour) then another two hours travel and half an hour break for coffee and a final two hour drive to our destination. Arrival time is usually about 7 PM local time. During the weekend there will usually be two trips out by coach to places of interest and a social afternoon or evening. We are accommodated by families in the host town. You are expected to reciprocate when the other town visits Letchworth the following year. A visit to Letchworth follows a similar pattern.

For future visits please see the diary page.

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About Us

The link with both towns has existed for more than 20 years and some families have corresponded for all of that time, but many bonds are much more recent and we welcome new people all the time from the Letchworth area to start to visit one or both of these towns.

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