Wissen, Germany

Twinned in 1983

The Town Of Wissen, Germany

Letchworth twinned with Wissen in 1983. Chagny had been twinned with Wissen since 1968 and acted as broker and encouraged the new Twinning which formed a triangular partnership.

Wissen lies approximately 50 miles east of Cologne and Bonn on the River Sieg (a tributary of the Rhine) in a region called the Westerwald – the Western Forest. The town is also the administrative centre for the villages of Birken-Honigessen, Hövels, Katzwinkel Mittelhof and Selbach. The town is designated a “Luftkurort” which is difficult to translate into English – Spa usually denotes water; one visits Wissen to take the air. It is a centre for walking and cycling and there are many paths tracks and trails for these activities.

The town has a number notable sights e.g. the catholic church , the Kreuzerhöhung, in Baroque style and with ceilings painted by Peter Hecker; the Schönstein Castle and the St. Sebasianus Kapelle (also known as the Heisterkapelle),the only timber-framed church in Rheinland Pfalz. Also worth a visit is the Bindweide Mine where iron ore was mined for over 200 years.

Wissen was a “steel town” with the firm Hoesch a major employer. Following the steel crisis in the 1980’and 90’s the works closed. The site was taken over by a transport and logistics company. Subsequently one of the steel rolling mill halls has been converted into a multifunction facility.

Travelling To Wissen

By road -it is also possible to reach Wissen by road in one day. Cross the Chanel by ferry or Eurotunnel to Calais then take the Autoroute (toll free).to Lille and Tournai. From there to Liège, either via Charleroi or Brussels and enter Germany at Aachen heading towards Cologne where again there are two options. From south of Cologne head towards Siegburg then Altenkirchen to Wissen, or pass to the east of Cologne and pick up the A4 Autobahn towards Olpe. Leave this motorway about halfway along its length near a town called Gumersbach and head due south to Wissen. This is the route preferred by the Association. A leisurely journey might include an overnight stop in the Ardennes in Belgium or along the Rhine.

Recently many towns in Germany have introduced low emmission zones and cars must display permits showing they meet low emmission standards. In some towns diesel cars are banned unless they meet they meet the Euro 5 or even the more stringent Euro 6 emmission standards. Check the status of your car when planning your trip.

By rail – Letchworth to Kings Cross then walk to St Pancras to catch Eurostar to Brussels; change there for a train to Cologne, then another train to Wissen.

By air –there are flights from Stansted to Cologne with Eurowings (Germanwings) and Ryanair and Gatwick to Cologne with Easyjet. It is possible to get from the airport to Wissen by train.

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    The link with both towns has existed for more than 20 years and some families have corresponded for all of that time, but many bonds are much more recent and we welcome new people all the time from the Letchworth area to start to visit one or both of these towns.

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